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Job Title Communications Specialist (911 Dispatcher)
Location Grand Prairie, TX
Department Communication / Dispatch
FLSA Status Non-Exempt

Primary Function:

To bring help and hope to patients and families following a terrible trauma, a sudden medical event, or any medical transport. To be part of the finest EMS team in the United States.

Performs all behaviors of a Call Taker and EMD.


Reports to/Supervises:

This position reports directly to their Communications Supervisor and is required to work collaboratively with other CareFlite personnel to accomplish the CareFlite mission and vision.

This position has no supervisory responsibility.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


Responsible for the safe operation of all membership practices in accordance with federal, state and local laws and regulations; as well as CareFlite Policies and Procedures. Adheres to all safety requirements in the performance of these duties.


Customer Service:

Responsible for ensuring that CareFlite is perceived by its customers in a positive manner by conducting all interaction in a professional and courteous manner.  Communicates positively with co-workers, patients, family members and medical personnel, as appropriate for this position. 



Responsible for the completion of assignments and tasks in the time allotted.



Responsible for the documentation requirements and record keeping related to membership activities.


Fiscal Responsibility:

As measured by incumbent’s ability to manage time and available resources in completing the requirements of this position. Incumbent will identify efficiency or cost saving ideas in a timely manner to their immediate supervisor.



Incumbent will focus their efforts on supporting their co-workers at all times. Incumbent will be tolerant of diversity within the work setting and will address co-workers in a respectful manner at all times.  Personal issues will be addressed outside the workplace.  Constructive criticism of a co-worker or supervisor will be offered in a private setting and delivered in a positive and respectful manner.

Knows the general location of all hospitals in the 19 county North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council

Knows the general location of all nursing homes in Dallas County

Assure all phone lines are answered by the third ring

Phones will be answered with the call taker’s name in a professional manner demonstrating appropriate public relations at all times

Assure all 911 phone lines are answered by the second ring

911 calls will be EMD processed according to IAED standards. 

Demonstrates comprehensive understanding of call taking for ground and air medical ambulances using a computerized aided dispatch (CAD) system

Obtains correct and thorough patient information from the caller and inputs this information into the CAD and gets accurate ground contact and landing zone information on scenes.

Assists dispatchers in coordinating emergency calls and relaying information and assistance request involving other law enforcements and fire-fighting agencies

Other duties as assigned


Professional Conduct and Growth:

Recognizes incidents requiring documentation and reports to appropriate manager.

When identifying problems, also makes suggestions to solve the problem, rather than complaining.

Reviews dispatch operations to identify technical and operational training needs and recommend operational improvements.

Reviews and recommends modifications to computer aided dispatch system.


Knowledge and Experience Required:

High School Diploma or its equivalent

EMT Basic or higher EMS training preferred but not required

International Academy of Emergency Dispatch EMD certification within 3 months of hire

Working Knowledge of English language, spelling and usage

Type 30 wpm


Physical Activity:      

Light – Moderate


Physical/Mental Skills Required:

Sitting              Walking           Standing           Pulling             Twisting Body             Carrying

Cognitive ability to reason, process, etc.

Ability to hear

Ability to see

Ability to distinguish colors

Ability to verbally communicate

Ability to work in highly stressful situations


Knowledge Requirements:

Basic Medical Terminology

Understanding the CAD software

Understanding the phone system

Typing/Computer skills


ADA Requirements:

Frequency of Condition

Condition                    1-33%             34-36%                       67%+              Description

Extreme heat                ___X_             _____                          _____              _______

Extreme cold                __X__             _____                          _____              _______

Extreme swings in       

temperature                  __X__             _____                          _____              _______

Extreme noise              __X__             _____                          _____              _______

Working outdoors        _____              _____                          _____              _______

Working indoors          _____              _____                          __X__             _______

Mechanical hazards     __X__             _____                          _____              _______

Electrical hazards         __X__             _____                          _____              _______

Explosive hazards        _____              _____                          _____              _______

Fume/other hazards     _____              _____                          _____              _______

Dust/mite hazards        __X__             _____                          _____              _______

Chemical hazards        _____              _____                          _____              _______

Toxic waste hazards    _____              _____                          _____              _______

Radiation hazards        _____              _____                          _____              _______

Wet hazards                 _____              _____                          _____              _______

Heights                        _____              _____                          _____              _______

Other conditions          _____              _____                          _____              _______


OSHA Job Category:

_X__                Category III: tasks that involve no exposure to blood, body fluids or

Tissues and Category I tasks are not a condition of employment.

The normal work routine involves no exposure to blood, body fluids or tissues (although situations can be imagined or hypothesized under which anyone, anywhere might encounter potential exposure to body fluids). Persons who perform these duties are not called upon as part of their employment to perform or assist in emergency medical care or first-aid or to be potentially exposed in some other way.  Tasks that involve handling implements or utensils, use of public or share bathroom facilities or telephone and personal contacts such as handshaking are Category III tasks.

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